PROJECT: Strategic Brand Presentation, International Sales Development Platform

Large-scale Exhibit Solidifies CASA’s Brand as International IT Supplier

CASA Systems is a leader in optical networking and needed to raise their visibility on an international scale. Tradeshow Marketing Manager Karen DelPrete asked Image 4 to design and fabricate an exquisite 40×60 exhibit that updated the CASA brand presence and communicated their capacity world-wide.


  • Exhibit Design
  • Fabrication
  • Graphic Design
  • Production
  • Event Services
  • Storage
  • Asset Management

Project Overview

Boston-area IT systems manufacturer CASA Systems needed a high-end exhibit to solidify their Brand presentation in international markets. CASA’s sales process calls for demo’s of the capacity of their systems, and comparison to other manufacturer’s hardware. Additionally, engineering teams from CASA and prospect companies need to gather and analyze system requirements for large-scale solutions, calling for private, large meeting rooms.

Image 4’s Experience Design provided multiple demo stations, large-scale presentation monitors, a full IT cabinet, and private, air-conditioned conference rooms. Demo “pods” supporting monitors were placed at the perimeter of the footprint to attract attention and keep “dwell-time” activities away from the richer interactive spaces deeper within the exhibit.

Raised flooring allowed the nearly 5,000 feet of CAT6 cable and supporting electrical grid to be completely hidden from sight and an air-conditioned IT room housed multiple servers. The AC unit within fed two adjacent conference rooms, outfitted with large-scale touch-screen monitors and comfortable executive seating.

Our graphic design team created a geometric pattern that was used on the translucent walls to control privacy while allowing light into the enclosed areas, and a very large suspended banner integrated the cubic design and created a mass presence on the show floor.

The exhibit was extremely successful, with measurable Brand recognition and increased leads, as well as website traffic. Design elements from this exhibit were proxied into a group of portable displays for smaller shows.