PROJECT: Economic Development Office City Brand Environment
CLIENT:  City of Claremont, NH

Claremont Opens the Door to the Future in their Economic Development Office

The City of Claremont, NH Director of Planning and Development Anthony Lyons commissioned Image 4 to develop an Authentic Brand positioning, messaging and design for the City’s Economic Development Office. The project was an integral part of re-branding and refreshing the public perception of the City.


  • Brand Discovery
  • Storyline and Script
  • Copywriting
  • Image Development
  • Project Management
  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic Production
  • Fabrication
  • Installation


Project Overview

The City of Claremont, NH was one of New England’s lost treasures – a former manufacturing town fallen on hard times. As the City worked to re-develop, Director of Planning and Development Anthony Lyons commissioned Image 4 to discover and present the business-facing side of the Claremont Brand.

We engaged in a series of interviews and deep research, discovering the unique strengths of the town and region, its economic opportunities, and what development was scheduled or proposed. Our content staff wrote a script for the Visitor Experience in the building, alluding to Claremont’s manufacturing history, and focusing on the future of the City.

Our design team worked with City developers to pick up visual elements of the in-process refreshment of the mill area, and created a physical script for the experience.

Image 4 built a “reveal wall” in the center of the space, prominently displaying the new Claremont logo. As the visitor moves through the space, a beautiful view of the refurbished mill complex, and a fabulous pedestrian bridge are revealed as the Future of Claremont joins the Now.

Copy and images followed the theme, moving the visitor from the former strength in manufacturing to the future in education and healthcare, and presenting the Economic Development office as the connector and facilitator of progress.

Public acclaim was tremendous, from business persons all the way up to the Governor’s Office. The City used the space to successfully generate millions of dollars in grants, matching funds, and private development investment. Today, Claremont is one of New Hampshire’s rising communities.