PROJECT: Brand Design and Presentation, Corporate Office and Production Facility
CLIENT: Coca-Cola Northern New England

Coca-Cola Caps Off its Corporate Headquarters with a Bubbly Brand Environment

Coca-Cola Northern New England asked Image 4 to design a Brand Presentation that embodied their culture and reflected on the history of one of the country’s oldest bottlers and distributors.


  • Brand Exploration
  • Graphic Design
  • Sign Design
  • Content Development
  • Specification
  • Production

Project Overview

Coca-Cola Northern New England lives the brand – bubbly, fun, refreshing. When Coca-Cola NNE moved to a new headquarters, the commissioned Image 4 to design and deliver an integrated Brand Environment that reflected their culture.

We began with a Brand Dive, to learn more about what makes this company so energetic and such a great place to work. Community, sustainability, corporate responsibility and a sense of the Brand history are drivers of Coke’s Authentic Brand.

Our graphic design team explored bubbles, translucency, color, and texture as we developed a library of graphic treatments. Our Industrial design group created sign designs utilizing Coke product bottlecaps as mounting hardware to support a translucent, bubble-glass backer. And our content group brainstormed a series of fun and on-brand names for conference rooms, offices and other areas through the building.

Logos and images were treated to different aging and weathering techniques as we marked the design change from its inception in the 1880’s through today’s logo presentation. Artifacts, including the famous Coke icebox, were positioned through the building.

We carried the theme through the production facility, where a spiral staircase was treated graphically as if you were unwrapping the label of a Coke bottle from the inside – you literally walk through the brand as you climb the stairs. Signs and banners indicate production nodes and all integrate into the theme of having fun at work.

Coke is bubbling with joy over the project!