PROJECT: Pop-up Brand Experience, Product Launch, Coupon “Lift” Program

ECCO’s Boots Were Made for Walkin’

When Ecco Shoes launched a new product line, they targeted busy, urban women who demand quality shoes that provide extreme comfort all day, without sacrificing style.


  • Industrial Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Casework Design
  • Fabrication
  • Graphic Production
  • Logistics

Project Overview

From Home to Work to a Night Out, choosing the right shoes is important. ECCO released a highly versatile, nicely styled, extremely comfortable product line ECCOSHAPE Sculpted Motion® and their marketing agency came to Image 4 to develop a road show for the product release.

Image 4 understood that the shoes were the hero. To attract attention and position the product, we engineered a 20-foot wide illuminated wall on which we floated acrylic boxes, treating the shoes like specialty jewelry. Benches allowed shoppers to sit and try on the new shoes, and mirrored surfaces allowed them to model the new fashions.

Our design team created a memorable user experience, by fabricating centerpiece runway of four different surface textures. Shoppers got to walk on grass, tile, cobblestone, and wood to experience the comfort and versatility of the shoes. During the show, brand ambassadors worked with customers to deliver the correct size and desired style of shoes for shoppers’ personal experience.

Image 4’s design leveraged Ecco’s existing relationships with various malls to deploy the Popup Shop in prime locations. Every two hours, models presented the shoes on both the textured runway and a set of stairs, allowing customers to see the shoes at eye-level. Ecco provided a coupon for local stores, which drove retail traffic and measured program effectiveness.

The event traveled to six different malls for 2-3 days each and was so successful that the event was expanded 50% the following season.

Download our Project Brief here.