PROJECT: Exhibit Retail Immersive Environment
CLIENT: Exhibitions International

Shop Like an Egyptian

Image 4 delivers a scalable immersive retail environment for the King Tut Treasures Tour in 14 cities around the globe, one design concept, one modular fabrication.


  • Experience Design
  • Environment Design
  • Workflow
  • Specification
  • Fixtures and Finishes
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Project Overview

The mandate: to conceive, design, and manufacture the retail shop for a renowned cultural exhibition traveling internationally, with the requirement to fully install – from bare floor to cash-register ready – within six days in spaces we know only by architectural plans and photographs.

Image 4 engineers and designers dove in to solve the challenges: traffic flow, SKU count, replenishment, display methodology, security, and the overall visual and emotional feel of the retail space. To define, manage, and control for the unique set of variables associated with this very rich retail project, our answer was modular construction which can be reconfigured to accommodate nearly any shape. All of the lighting is modular as well and was designed to easily adapt to international standards.

Designing for maximum efficiency was a key component of successful execution, and flexible design meant on-site changes to accommodate the flow could easily be made. Working to outfit a room 3,000 miles from home required extreme planning, meticulous attention to design detail and fabrication accuracy. Not only does it need to pack up and travel internationally to 10 locations on multiple continents, this project needs to scale to varying and as-yet-unknown room sizes and shapes, and every aspect of the shop needs to meet international codes and standards, from lighting to fire safety, and even earthquake codes.  Read more in our project brief.