PROJECT: Brand Immersive Event Environment
CLIENT:  Starrett

Starrett Measures Success with 40×60 Brand Environment

If something is manufactured, it must be measured. This is where Starrett, a 140-year old manufacturer themselves, shines around the world. Starrett participates in numerous shows per year, and asked Image 4 to design an experience for one of the largest, IMTS.


  • Experience Design
  • Exhibit Design
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Graphic Production
  • Event Services

Project Overview

IMTS is the largest machine tool event of the year, drawing prospects from around the world. And even with a 140-year reputation for excellence and accuracy, Starrett always wants to put great tools in front of prospects.

Starrett’s marketing team commissioned Image 4 to develop a completely fresh design to showcase their products. The structure had to scale to multiple sizes and maintain Brand presence.

Proxying architectural design approaches, Image 4’s exhibit design group conceived a structure that presented mass in three dimensions, while accommodating lots of display space for tools both small and desktop size. The modular structure scaled from 20×20 to 20×30 to 40×60 feet while retaining the unique design elements and functionality. As the exhibit scaled, features like break-out rooms and a second tier deck were added to accommodate sales and training interactions.

Dramatic graphics and colors are used throughout, printed to cost-effective fabric and tensioned over the modular framework. The combination of custom cabinetry, structural elements and modular components gave Starrett a highly versatile inventory to address numerous exhibit opportunities.

Image 4’s installation team debuted the environment at IMTS and we continue to add elements as new shows arise.