PROJECT: Brand Presentation, Product Release, Pop-up Marketing and Sales Platform

Hear, Hear! Uvero Pops Up For Ear Bud Product Launch

Uvero launched both a product and a Brand in a holiday-season Popup Shop. They asked Image 4 to design and produce a visually-arresting, contemporary and yet comfortable environment for a 30-day in-mall stay.


  • Experience Design
  • Retail Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Finishes and Fixtures
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Project Overview

Uvero doesn’t just sell earbuds. They custom-fit them to your ears, using a 10,000-point sonar reading to chart the shape of your ear canal. The plot is driven to a 3D printer where your unique earbud fittings are manufactured. Combined with the best sound fidelity available, and you have the best of the best – worn by performers, musicians and sports professionals as well as audiophiles and every-day people who appreciate excellent sound quality.

Uvero commissioned Image 4 to design a pop-up shop for their product launch. The space had to look modern, yet be welcoming. Visitors spent 20 minutes receiving the sonar scan, so the space had to be designed for long dwell times.

Our design team started by placing the scanning stations well away from the sales and cash locations. We chose a “lounge” feel, specifying comfortable fabrics and furniture, in clean, vibrant colors. The structure was fabricated in our ReForm™ demountable walling system which allowed us to build the entire store in our shop, make changes as needed, then install on-site in just two nights – including replacing existing flooring.

Uvero received massive media coverage in the Boston market, as well as articles in many audio magazines online. The product launch was a resounding success and proved the viability of the product and the “custom-fit” approach.