PROJECT: Headquarters Immersive Brand Environment
CLIENT: Wheelabrator Technologies

Wheelabrator Technologies Energizes their New Headquarters

Wheelabrator Technologies asked Image 4 to distill and present their Brand throughout their new headquarters building. Their skills in industrial engineering, technology and sustainability all blend to create a compelling Brand Story.


  • Creative Direction
  • Script
  • Photography
  • Image Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Production

Project Overview

Wheelabrator Technologies is an industry leader in the safe and environmentally sound conversion of residential and business waste into clean energy. Wheelabrator pioneered the waste-to-energy industry in the U.S. when it designed, built and operated the first commercially successful facility in 1975.  Since then they have established waste recycling plants across the globe.

A new headquarters building was the perfect palette to present their culture and accomplishments. To capture the essence of the company, Image 4 and the Wheelabrator team executed a Brand Discovery project and distilled the Brand Presentation to reflect the engineering and technology accomplishments, as well as their deep respect for the environment we live in.

Image 4 developed a “script” for the building, telling Wheelabrator’s story as we guided the visitor through the offices. Once the roadmap was defined, we commissioned fresh, dramatic photography of details of Wheelabrator’s trash-to-energy and recycling plants.

Using a fresh color palette of teal and greens, our design team created a light and airy branded space befitting a “green” company.  We started with a frosted window pattern that provided just the right amount of privacy and called out the names of conference spaces boldly. We then layered large-scale photographs of local and international facilities to indicate the scope of this global company.

Each meeting room was decorated with a multi-dimensional, multi-panel collage. Common areas and the lunchroom received a series of branded panels that list the core values and vision. The office space was brightened with colorful accent paint.

To top it all off, the Wheelabrator engineers created fun art installations, using PVC pipe, that mimic heat-transfer installations in the energy plants. Everyone enjoyed the collaborative approach between all our design and engineering professionals.