PROJECT: Program Refresh, Franchisee Conference Popup Shop

From Customers to Brand Advocates: Zumba Pop-up Shop Delivers Seasonal Workout Wear in an Immersive Brand Experience

Dancing through the aisles selecting apparel – what more could a retail brand wish for? Image 4 was commissioned to revive a failing retail program with the largest (35,000sf) popup shop ever launched. Zumba was so successful they danced the night away!


  • Brand Presentation
  • Retail Design
  • Workflow
  • Fixtures and Finishes
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Production
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Project Overview

Zumba holds three internationally-attended instructor conferences per year. In addition to training, the conferences are exciting times for the Brand to release dance and exercise moves and fresh branded merchandise. Franchisees can purchase for their shops right in the conference Popup shop.

Zumba’s program was challenged, with high cost of deployment, excessive cart abandonment, and inadequate sales resulting in aged-out merchandise heading to mark-down. Harry Barzilly, Retail Project Manager for Zumba, asked Image 4 to solve the problems and revive the retail program.

We began with a traffic flow analysis, and discovered inadequate check-out capacity, insufficient dressing rooms, and merchandise displays that inhibited access. The environment failed to excite and engage the extremely energetic Zumba franchisees. A complete redesign was called for.

Image 4 based our redesign on merchandise access, designing display fixtures that allowed 3 groups of shoppers to access simultaneously. Then we reconceived the check-out experience, adding registers, remote packaging stations, and a queue system that sent those waiting in line to the next available attendant. Dressing rooms were scaled and added, and merchandise that caused “friction – such as shoes – was placed far out of the engagement space.

On top of a physical redesign, we layered large-scale Zumba graphics, a stage, and sound system to get the audience pumping!

The result was overwhelming – at one point we measured 7,000 transactions per hour with triple the traditional cart value. Shoppers danced in groups and by themselves to the DJ-driven Zumba beats, and the festive atmosphere turned shopping into a party!