3D Custom Logo Signs

By Tina Rutherford, posted on November 24, 2021

3D Custom Logo Signs

Image 4 is expert at helping you create Your Authentic Brand™ and bring that Brand to life through custom logo signs and the strategic use of Brand elements throughout your physical space. Authentic Brands are simple and powerful; they create a solid foundation for a consistent Brand Experience that drives awareness and engenders customer loyalty.

Logos and Brand elements are often considered the foundation of effective brand presentation, marketing and commercial interior design. A truly memorable Brand experience integrates Brand elements, logo signs, and other items in the corporate, retail and banking space.

Logo Creation or Logo Refresh – Image 4 Can Help

Once you’ve discovered Your Authentic Brand™, it’s important to translate it into a custom logo design which not only reflects but enhances your Brand. Whether a completely new logo is required to bring your Brand to life, or your existing logo needs a refresh for an updated look, Image 4 can help.

Bring Your Brand to Life with 3D Logo Signs

Interior Logo Signs: Interior company logo signs create visual interest and prominently display your Brand to visitors and staff. Logos and Brand elements can be created and installed on doors, windows, and walls and Image 4 has worked with dozens of clients to create stunning custom 3D logo signs in a variety of materials including:

  • Metal logo signs
  • Wood logo signs
  • Acrylic logo signs
  • Glass, etched glass, and glass film logo signs
  • Fabric logo signs
  • and more.

Image 4’s custom logo fabrication can also mix materials to bring texture and depth.

Image 4 is adept at integrated designs that attract attention, especially through environmental logo graphics. We’ve honed our environmental graphics production skills for 30 years — successfully delivering thousands of projects in the Built Environment. Our in-plant printers and routers deliver:

  • Architectural-grade custom wall covering
  • High-durability demountable panels
  • Lighted images
  • Privacy treatments
  • Fabric decor and structures
  • Dimensional assemblies, and
  • Resin and glass printing for stunning logo signs.

Exterior Logo Signs: Image 4 designs and builds the visual cues through exterior signage and wayfinding that intuitively guide visitors through your space and incorporate your logo and/or Brand elements throughout your campus. Present your visitors with beautiful architectural-grade wayfinding that compliments your building or campus, and unifies your Brand at every touchpoint.

Using Brand Elements To Enhance Your Space and Maximize Customer Experience

Your Brand is more than your logo. It includes all of the related visual elements that bring a Brand to our attention in a fraction of a second. Brand elements evoke the culture and personality of your Brand through the use of materials (for example, industrial, sustainable, natural, etc.), shapes, iconography, and more. These elements are all associated with Brand identity and include the obvious as well as more subtle aspects of your Brand:

  • Company Name
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Shapes and forms
  • Graphic elements
  • Color scheme
  • Typography and Fonts
  • Sound, Movement, Taste
  • and more.

Logo displays and Brand elements can be used on anything from signage and fixtures to custom drawer pulls, high-impact window and wall graphics, color schemes and more to enhance your physical and digital spaces. Our graphic designers, craftspeople, and fabricators help bring your Brand to life with exquisitely crafted visual elements placed strategically around your space to create a richer and more memorable Brand experience for all your customers.

In-House Custom Logo Fabrication at Image 4

From your imagination, to real-world impact: Image 4 will specify all the details required to translate your design ideas into reality. Image 4’s design and fabrication teams create 3D logo creations and Brand elements from dozens of materials at all scales, from tiny detail elements to lighted, multi-layer Branded art installations. Our expertise includes:

Wood Logo, Glass Logo, Metal Logo, Plastic Logo and Lighted Logo Fabrication – Our expert craftspeople can fabricate custom logo signs in nearly any material, and make valuable material, performance and aesthetic recommendations.

Custom Art and Industrial Brand Elements – Our integrated design-fabrication approach takes your dreams and blends them with creativity and craftsmanship to expertly represent your Brand.

Interior Signs and Exterior Signs and Wayfinding – Image 4 has decades of experience in fabricating a wide range of business logo signs and wayfinding markers that incorporate your Brand elements.

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