Custom Graphic Wallcovering Designers

By admin, posted on March 3, 2022

Custom Graphic Wallcovering Designers

You never have a second chance to make a first impression! And what better way to make a memorable impression than with your physical surroundings, specifically your interior wallcoverings. More and more, today’s modern offices are customizing their space through graphic wallcoverings. Image 4 has worked with many clients across industries to design and print and 

Convey your Brand through Custom Graphic Wallcoverings

You’ve been careful to cultivate your brand and your customer experience in all other areas of the customer journey and it’s important to bring that into your commercial space, too. Image 4 designs and produces beautiful custom wallcovering murals for: 

  • Brand presentation 
  • Scenescapes
  • Art installations
  • History walls 
  • Custom wall mural printing
  • and so much more.

Graphic wallcoverings are suitable for any business and can help set the right tone, feel, and mood to instantly convey your brand values. Effective commercial wallcoverings can be colorful or subtle and serve to calm and relax, or add energy and excitement to a space. Wallcoverings can impart elegance and a high-end feel, or inspire a more youthful, edgy look and feel. Image 4 can work with nearly any scaleable art or photo image, or custom pattern to apply as a custom graphic wallcovering.

Graphic Wallcovering Materials

There are many considerations that determine the type of material that’s best for your commercial graphic wallcovering, including:

  • Sound absorption
  • Texture
  • Visual impact
  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Usability (such as whiteboard walls, chalkboard walls, etc.), and 
  • Safety 

We can help you select a graphic wallcovering material that is both visually effective and cost effective. From high-durability adhesive vinyls to Type 2 wet-apply architectural wallcovering perfect for high quality architectural spaces, Image 4 can work with any material you choose, including:

  • Custom printed Vinyl wall graphics
  • Custom printed Type 2 wet-apply architectural wallcoverings
  • Contract wallcoverings
  • Specialty wallcoverings and veneers
  • Unusual and custom surface finishes

Image 4 In-house Graphic Wallcovering Production and Design Capabilities

We use several types of wallcovering materials and two types of printers to assure you durability, color fidelity, and environmentally-safe installations. Our Best-of-Class Seiko Colorpainter prints fade-resistant inks to both adhesive vinyl graphic material and Type 2 wallcovering vinyl to create fully customized wall murals. Our Hewlett Packard 10900 Latex printer is fully VOC-free, and in combination with Monadnock Envi fiber-based wallcovering delivers a beautiful, custom, 100% VOC-free wallcovering solution.

 Whether it’s an historical reproduction wallcovering to highlight a history wall, or an entire thematic building wall mural design, Image 4 has done it before and can do it for you.

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Image 4 has installed hundreds of projects for banks, museums, hospitals, offices, on trade show floors, even onboard ships! Collaborate with our in-house graphic design team to realize your design vision, and achieve the best-in-industry manufacturing quality and efficiency. Contact Image 4 today  to get started on your graphic wallcovering project. See examples of our work here.