Our Studio

By Tina Rutherford, posted on October 22, 2020

Printing, Fabricating and Installing Brand Environments since 1987

Image 4 is an award-winning Environmental Graphics producer helping Experiential, Environmental and Interior Graphical Designers around the country bring their creations to life in the Built Environment.

Our team of designers and engineers, coders and photographers, project managers, fabricators, printers and installers are ready to contribute our experience to make your project a success.

It’s About The Experience®

For Image 4, our Trademark has a threefold meaning: This reminds our staff and management that our company must provide an exemplary experience to our clients, employees, and business partners; it tells our clients that they are assured that we bring decades of professional experience to their projects; it aligns us and our clients on the path to create outstanding experiences for our client’s customers thus improving our clients’ businesses.

Environmental Sustainability

At Image 4, we design in a way to positively impact our environment and our world whenever possible. Around twenty-five percent of what we produce is built from sustainable materials. Our sustainability metrics are built into our process—and we’re always improving:

INC Magazine has called us “Greenest Exhibit Manufacturer in America.”

Event Marketing Magazine has lauded our environmentally-sustainable project approach.

We have a seat on the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association Board which created and implemented the trade show industry sustainability standards.

Corporate Responsibility

Image 4 strives to operate a business in which people, principles and profits are balanced and supportive goals. We feel this enhances our goal of corporate sustainability – a robust business in place for years, providing opportunities to enrich our community, staff and owners.

Our partners in this effort include the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund through our participation in the Vested for Growth Learning Partners and the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility via our membership and extensive activities.

Image 4 is proud to be one of a very few small businesses in America recognized by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for our creation and maintenance of an employee and family-friendly workplace.