Glass Marking & Films

By Amanda Nyx, posted on March 4, 2021

Glass Marking & Films

Don’t limit your design to opaque walls! Glass marking is an elegant detail throughout a Branded Environment.

The beauty and transparency of glass is an elegant design element, from office walls to demises to facades. We find designers working with levels of transparency and translucency, and controlling privacy through the use of custom graphic films.

Image 4 can print nearly any graphic design onto a variety of marking films – transparent, frosted, perforated and more. As an Eastman film partner, we have access to over 100 glass films so when the project calls for a higher level of privacy, we can apply frost, mist, opaque, colored, and other films.  Create privacy, add safety markings or even elegant room identifiers with films that mimic traditional frosting, etching and colored glass.

Choose from our library of designs or bring us your own concept and we can create a building wide window film program specifically for your project.

Download our extensive environmental graphics and assemblies portfolio.