Digital Capture & Production Studio

By Amanda Nyx, posted on March 3, 2021

Digital Capture & Production Studio

Immersive Brand Experiences call for multiple media presentations. We’ve developed particular expertise in large-format digital communications in several formats most applicable to environmental graphics – display screens, touch screens, activity triggers, apps and more.

From image and video capture to design & production processing, Image 4‘s studio capacity eases your workflow and asset development and always delivers the highest quality files for the project requirement.

Our Digital Studio includes:

Image Capture, Artifact Preservation

  • Nikon Hi-res medium-format flatbed scanner 12×18”
  • Nikon Hi-res large-format film scanner 4×5”
  • Whiteroom Image Capture studio 24x24x24”
  • Brightlite 4×5 capture back on Calumet 4×5” studio camera (60Mb capture)
  • Nikon 5900 DSLR (58Mb capture)
  • 16-foot whitewall photo studio with multiple light setups
  • 5 Mac workstations with color-managed monitors
  • 14Tb storage backbone


  • Adobe CS Suite (art, images)
  • Adobe Media suite (video, sound)
  • MvIX Digital Content Manager
  • Powerpoint & template library
  • XRite Spectrophotometer Color Quality platform